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Additional Reviews

“Certain ones [organists] play it [my organ music] better than me...there is the excellent American organist Jon Gillock
in New York...”

Olivier Messiaen
in Claude Samuel's 1986 book Entretiens Avec Olivier Messiaen

“For this series Mr. Gillock juxtaposes Franck's complete organ œuvre with works by ‘kindred spiritualists’: Messiaen, Couperin, Duruflé, Bach…very fine playing and sensitive interpretation. It was like a spoonful of beef concentrate in the kitchen of a master chef: a wondrous essence, expertly prepared, rich and flavorful.”
The New York Times

“…one of the most daring, moving, and powerful Messiaen performances I ever heard.”
Gerald Levinson, Swarthmore College

“There is profundity in Gillock's interpretations whether it be in Bach, Brahms, Tournemire, or Cabanilles. But his empathy for the mysticism in Messiaen probes and floodlights inner surfaces and rare
depths of feeling.”

London Free Press
(National Convention of the Royal Canadian College of Organists)

“Mr. Messiaen's music remains seraphically beautiful and compelling on a level that runs more deeply than mere accessibility. And in Mr. Gillock's skillful, sympathetic hands (and feet),
The Book of the Holy Sacrament purled and roared, piped and rumbled like the Book of Revelations transmuted into sound.
The New York Times

“Dr. Jon Gillock's performance was the high point of the convention.”
The American Organist

“Gillock's playing was smooth, secure in each of the styles, elegant.”
The American Organist

“New York Organist Plays Impeccably...Jon Gillock provided a stunning concert from beginning to end.”
Observer-Tribune, New Jersey

“Jon Gillock...an awesome executant of Messiaen. [His] performance [of Livre du Saint Sacrement] delivered poetry in the beatific sections and tremendous power in the Gothic sections...an exercise in artistry.”
The American Organist
(Centennial National Convention of the American Guild of Organists)

“We are still raving about your concert [Bach’s Art of Fugue]. It was a life changing experience!”
Ann Labounsky, Duquesne University


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